6 Reasons to buy from Australian Manufacturer


1. Outstanding customer service and support

Are you sick and tired of waiting on hold to overseas call centres? Have you had enough of the hassles associated with dealing with international suppliers?

At Repline, you deal directly with our qualified and experienced machinist’s here in Australia. Providing outstanding customer service to our clients is our focus and we go all out to ensure we provide the best support possible.

Our turnaround times are fast and reliable, and we will always be there to assist your business during urgent situations.

2. Improved lead times and reduced costs

Importing machined components from overseas can be a timely and expensive process, especially in the current climate. Purchasing Australian made products can improve lead times and reduce logistical costs. When importing, product delivery can rely on prolonged customs clearances and extra quality management requirements. It may also take more time and money for evaluation and auditing processes.

At Repline we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times and will work with you to fulfil your order as soon as possible. We’re committed to quality and efficiency, and always work hard to meet customer deadlines.

3. Increased collaboration – business to business product development

Backed by extensive research and development, our team of professional technicians have the knowledge and expertise to deliver superior quality products and offer reliable advice.

We always work closely with our customers to ensure we provide a product that suits the individual needs of the business. We know every client has different requirements, so we work hard to understand your needs and provide a service that makes it easy to order new hoses and fittings. `

4. Quality-assured Machining

All our Australian made products are 100% tested and inspected by our dedicated quality control team here in Australia. This ensures our clients receive the highest quality components that meet all Australian certification standards.

5. No minimum order quantity

When you order products overseas there is often a minimum order quantity (MOQ), but with Repline there’s no minimum order. Whether your order is big or small, we’re always here and willing to help.

Purchasing smaller quantities will free up cash flow that would otherwise be tied up with increased stock holdings due to MOQ.

6. Buy in AUD

Overseas pricing can be greatly influenced by currency fluctuations and a weak Australian dollar. Buying products in AUD minimises the influence the foreign exchange rate has on your purchases and could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.